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Bad Brushing Habits That Can Harm Your Teeth

teen brushing Everyone knows how to brush their teeth, right? The following article contains several techniques to ensure that you are in fact brushing correctly. Thanks for visiting us at Castle Rock Endodontics. Enjoy reading!

There’s more to life than pearly white teeth, but I’s a good place to start. Everyone should brush their teeth twice a day.  The purpose of brushing is to decrease the bacteria that cause cavities, gum disease and bad breath. But instead of helping you, is brushing teeth turning out to be a painful chore?

It is vital to follow the right technique. If you wish to have more than just bright white teeth you need to concentrate on the following techniques:

  • Clean the outer surface of the teeth
  • Clean the inner surfaces of the teeth
  • Clean the chewing surfaces, which are used heavily
  • Use small circular motions
  • Brush the gums as well as the teeth
  • Clean your tongue for fresh breath
  • Use floss to clean in between the teeth

By following this routine you can achieve good oral health. If you fail to brush regularly, you are at risk of developing dental problems.

Most people complain of dental problems even after brushing their teeth on a regular basis. This is because the brushing methods that they follow are incorrect.

Here are some helpful tips for the right techniques:

Most people brush in a hurry. If this is you then it is not surprising that brushing has become painful. You need to brush for at least 2-3 minutes. It takes that much time to concentrate on all the surfaces and the gums to clean them. Place a timer in the brushing area. Set the alarm for not less than 3 minutes, it will help you keep a track of the time. Electric brushes have a pre-set timer making it even easier.

Place a mirror in your brushing area. People usually fail to brush the area near the gum line. By not cleaning that surface bacteria, plaque and tartar build up easily. By looking in the mirror while brushing you can come across dental problems yourself. If you notice anything do not fail to mention them at your next dental visit.

The wrong tooth brush has hard bristles. Choose a brush with soft or medium bristles which are arranged in different directions. Using an electric tooth brush is a good option as it not only has a timer but also concentrates on the different areas. The Cochrane report has shown that electric toothbrushes are more effective than manual brushing.

Brushing should be followed by flossing. Failing to do so can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Flossing helps to clean the area between teeth. If left unclean, bacteria thrive in between the space leading to dental disease. Make flossing a part of your daily dental care routine if you wish to keep the growth of bacteria in your mouth at bay.

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