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Basics of a Dental Cleaning or Scaling

Here is a great explanation for the difference between a cleaning and a scaing! Read the article below and thank you for visiting us at Castle Rock Endodontics!

The difference between a general cleaning or a scaling can sometimes be confusing for patients. Our office gets this question often and to better assist our patients we have provided information on general cleanings, deeper cleanings and why oral hygiene is of high importance in overall health.

A simple cleaning is when there is little or no build up of calculus, but maybe there is some discoloration such as yellowing stains. Coronal polishing (prophylaxis) takes care of that by buffing the stains away with a rubber cup and a polishing paste. This process leaves your teeth feeling completely smooth and incredibly clean. Coronal polishing is also final stage when someone gets their teeth scaled.

Scaling and Root Planning (a deep root cleaning below the gums) is a process where the doctor or dental hygienist carefully Remove heavy calculus. We recommended that you get x-rays every 6 months so we can check to see if there is any build up that is latched to your teeth below the gums. This will help us greatly in efforts to inform patients on possible bone loss.

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