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Basket of Joy Project, 2015

Dr. Soucie and his staff participated this year in the Basket of Joy Project, through the Volunteers of America, assembling and delivering “Baskets of Joy” to the less fortunate, particularly isolated, lonely senior citizens. Baskets were filled with fruit, candy and treats for the holiday season. Anyone is welcome to participate by registering online at  We had a wonderful time, and we recommend it to anyone looking for an opportunity to help bring happiness to others around the holidays!
Dr. Soucie and staff participating in Baskets of Joy.

Dr. Soucie and staff participating in Baskets of Joy.


Taylor Swift Tickets

Dr. Soucie and staff,

Thank you for the tickets!! We had a great time. I could not have asked for a better 1st concert for my daughter. You guys are awesome!!! Check out her reaction HERE

Muck Fest Fundraiser for MS research

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