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Do Successful People Have Similar Smiles?

Lady, smile, smile cardBelow is a fascinating study which reveals that the most influential people in the world share commonalities with their smiles. Thanks for visiting us at Castle Rock Endodontics. Enjoy reading!

What do the most influential people in the world have in common? After comparing images of smiling faces selected from Time magazine’s annual list of the 100 most influential people from 2006-2010, Spanish researchers have found consistencies in their facial features, according to a study to be published in the Journal of Oral Rehabilitation (March 2013, Vol. 40:3, pp. 159-170).

“The smiles of the world’s most influential people revealed common standards, regardless of occupation or gender,” wrote the study authors, from the University of Seville School of Dentistry. Those commonalities “may play a decisive role in the expressions of influential faces.”

In addition to their own work, the researchers examined previous studies that sought to quantify which aspects of a smile result in the greatest amount of appeal. Their findings led to a broad recommendation for practitioners helping patients to achieve their own ideal smile.

“The most important aesthetic objective should be to achieve a balanced smile,” they wrote, “bearing in mind not just the patient’s dental aesthetics, such as tooth form, position, or color, but also the soft tissues and the overall harmony of the face.”

Previous research has shown that smiles even have a physiological influence on the perception of other people, the researchers noted.

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For this study, they searched the Internet for images of the 500 individuals included in Time‘s list during a five-year period. The images had to be large, with a frontal view photo of the subject’s face with his or her head held upright. The researchers found 168 photos of sufficient detail to measure facial features.

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