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KODAK 9000C 3D Focused Field Scanner

Castle Rock Endodontics utilizes Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT). Below are a list of the many benefits the CBCT brings to our patients.


1. Improved patient care

Though traditional periapical radiographs are sufficient in many cases, focused field 3D images provide significantly greater amounts of diagnostic data. The anatomical detail and viewing capabilities of 3D imaging offer a wider range of diagnostic possibilities, providing invaluable information for endodontic diagnosis, prognosis and treatment planning. The result is conservative, precise and predictable care.

2.  High Resolution 3D Images

Utilizing our exclusive RVG technology, the Kodak 9000C system provides images at 0.076mm voxels, the highest resolution in the dental industry. The CCD sensors and      optical fiber plates optimize the signal/noise ratio, providing crystal-clear images while minimizing exposure levels. Additionally, the focused field reduces the irradiated    surfaces, thus improving imaging quality and simultaneously providing better patient care.

3.  Advanced Safety

With a 50 mm x 38 mm focused field of view, the Kodak 9000C 3D system allows us to limit radiation exposure to only the area of interest, 9000-copypotentially reducing overall risk to sensitive adjacent organs.

4. Affordable 3D Imaging

The Kodak 9000C 3D system is an innovative and cost effective three-in-one solution providing access to powerful, focused field 3D and 2D panoramic and cephalometric images. With the Kodak 9000C 3D system technology, we have effectively eliminated referrals to imaging centers, saving our patients time and money. Ultimately, the Kodak 9000C 3D system delivers the possibility of exceptional improvement in patient care and services offered.

5.  Improve Communication

The convenience of the having the unit in our office allows us to process your individual case rapidly and communicate findings and treatments recommendations confidently and effectively to you and your general dentist.

6.  Easy Image Sharing

3D images from the Kodak 9000C 3D systems are generated in standard DICOM format for easy image sharing. We can quickly save 3D images on a CD, DVD or USB drive; if you have 5 minutes we can provide you with a copy to take your dental team. The software also includes a 3D viewing software module that can be shared with a referring practitioner for case collaboration.

7.   Implant therapy

The scan provided to you can be utilized by your dental team to treatment plan your case, determine ideal implant placement and fabricate a guided surgical stent. Again, eliminating guess work in your treatment.