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The Effects of Alcoholism on Your Mouth

alcoholDid you know that drinking too much alcohol can have bad effects regarding your oral health? Read on to learn how alcohol can cause serious dental problems. Thanks for visiting us at Castle Rock Endodontics.

Most people know that alcoholism is bad for the body. Long-term abuse of alcoholic beverages can lead to many problems, including weight gain, liver trouble, sluggish mental capacity, and many other issues. However, fewer people realize that the consumption of alcoholic beverages can lead to problems inside your mouth as well.

Alcohol is not the only substance that can cause problems with your mouth. Prescription drugs can also have many adverse effects on the mouth that have been documented in many studies. Most medications indicate the possible side effects on the package, but if you are extremely concerned, you can talk with a doctor or other health care professional to identify the precise risks for your mouth for any medications you are currently taking.

Side Effects of Alcohol Consumption

Your mouth is a delicate system that has a unique balance designed to keep your teeth healthy. Saliva is designed to neutralize the acid that we ingest through food and drink. Too much alcohol in the mouth of any kind- even rinsing alcohols such as the kind found in many mouthwashes- can upset this delicate balance and cause problems in the mouth ranging from mild to severe.

A 2003 study published in Best Practice and Research Journal for Clinical Gastroenterology linked many mouth problems with the over-indulgence of alcohol in any form. Some of the most common problems associated with the consumption of alcoholic beverages include:

  • Swollen gums
  • Bleeding sores
  • Reduced saliva production
  • Tooth decay
  • Irritated mouth lining
  • Chronic mouth infections due to the presence of pathological microbes
  • Mouth cancer

For the most part, all of these problems are caused by the acid inside the alcohol. The presence of too much alcohol is damaging to the mouth as it upsets the natural functions of the mouth. If a person goes for several hours without rinsing their mouth or brushing their teeth, as is often the case with heavy alcohol drinkers, this can worsen the problem.

The best way to prevent these mouth problems is to monitor the consumption of alcohol carefully. Always rinse your mouth out after drinking alcohol and keep your teeth clean with regular brushing. Avoid mouth rinses containing alcohol, as this can make the problem worse.

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