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What Happens to Your Tooth After It’s Extracted

Tooth extracting method. Real human tooth hanging on threadHave you ever wondered what happens to your tooth after it is extracted by your dentist?  Surprisingly, it’s not so cut-and-dry.

When a tooth is removed, there’s not really one specific place it goes.  Some methods of disposal cost the dentist money, others result in a small profit for the dentist, and others are just a little weird.

Read on to find out what happens to extracted teeth.

After a tooth is extracted, the dentist will usually place it on the tray next to the dental chair.  While a lot of people may think that an extracted tooth has hit the end of the road; its journey has just begun.

Here’s eight different journeys that your tooth may take after it leaves your mouth.

1 – Incinerated with Biomedical Waste

According to the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard, extracted teeth should be placed in a hazardous waste container.  After that, the teeth are normally picked up by a medical waste management company that takes them and then incinerates them with other biomedical waste.

Normally, teeth that do not have any metal from prior dental work go to an oven to be incinerated.  If the tooth has metal, it will likely follow one of the next two routes of disposal.

2 – Go to a Metal Recycling Center

If the extracted tooth has amalgam filling material in it, then incineration causes mercury to be released into the atmosphere.  Because of this, regulations normally do not permit the incineration of extracted teeth containing amalgam, and they must be sent to a specialized recycling center that can remove the amalgam before disposing of the teeth.

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