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Why Refer to Us?

why refer us_s1The discipline of endodontics has evolved drastically in recent years as a result of scientific advancements in anesthesia, microscopy, instrumentation, irrigation and obturation techniques. These advancements have in turn decreased patient discomfort and trepidation while improving treatment times and success rates. Castle Rock Endodontics employs the latest technology to ensure the best possible experience and treatment prognosis.

Ziess Surgical Microscopes

  • Superior Optics / Apochromatic coating – Provides enhanced image resolution, contrast, depth perception and diagnosis.
  • Intraoral digital camera – Provides patient education and treatment documentation.

Kodak Digital Radiography

  • Decreased patient exposure and treatment time.
  • Flawless reproduction of radicular anatomical variations.

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

  • Improved patient care.
  • High resolution 3D images.
  • Advanced safety.
  • Affordable 3D imaging.
  • Improve communication.
  • Easy image sharing.
  • Implant therapy.

ASI Delivery Systems

  • Ultrasonic Irrigation – Provides enhanced lavage of deltas and lateral canals.
  • Negative pressure micro irrigation and evacuation – Eliminates irritant extrusion and decreases post-op pain.
  • Electronic apex location.
  • Satelec analog ultrasonic – Allows for calicified canal location and pulp stone removal, as well as instrument retrieval.


  • Most widely used endodontic practice software in the world.
  • Global network case review.

Rotary Instrumentation

  • Single use rotary files for decreased file separation.
  • Various file systems employed dependent on canal anatomy.

Multiple Intracanal Irrigants

  • Enhanced tissue dissolution.
  • Increased dentinal tubule penetration and residual bacteria elimination.

Obturation Techniques

  • Custom fit gutta percha cones.
  • Multiple technique employed based on canal anatomy.
  • 3-Dimensional obturation.

Endodontic Surgery

Extraction and Socket Conversion For Implant Placement

Perforation Repair

Access Restoration Under Sterile Isolation Upon Request (Post and Core)